POINT #1: As men we are taught we should be strong and not need help

  • If you have the courage to ask for help early anything can be solved
  • Men often think that asking for help Is a sign of weakness.

POINT #2: The weakness is displayed when you don’t ask for help to improve your life.

  • Everyone has their battles in their life, the more open you are to talk about it, the better.
  • Make the effort to actually connect with your friends and make sure they’re OK.

POINT #3: Don’t be the guy that people say “I never thought he was unhappy, he seemed so good”

  • Seeking help is a very challenging situation but the alternative is unacceptable.
  • Will you be uncomfortable short term to be happy for the rest of your life?


  • DO you let the struggles in your life damage you and those closest to you because your afraid of looking weak.


  • Reach out to those you trust in the tough times, that’s what friends are for.