POINT #1: DO you put your effort into your Facebook life?

  • Often we put way too much value into what other people think.
  • How much do you rely on others for your self worth and confidence.

POINT #2: If you live life making out everything’s awesome you’ll feel very isolated

  • If people around you think you’re happy and everything’s amazing they’ll never delve deeper
  • You can easily then become very isolated and feel alone when things aren’t working

POINT #3: People keep this front up because of fear of other people’s judgement

  • Most men are terrified for others to finds out they have fear and doubt in their lives.
  • Everyone has their own fear, doubt and insecurity, it is very normal


  • DO you live your life pretending everything is AMAZING????


  • Open up to the people you trust in your life about what’s is really going on for you. Then you can be supported and loved by them.