POINT #1: Perfection does not exist, you can always improve.

  • Excellence means achieving amazing results and achieving your limit of capability
  • Perfection is an unreachable goal. E.g. Gymnastics routines rarely if ever get 10/10.

POINT #2: If you are striving for excellence that is absolutely achievable.

  • If you’re striving to find better ways to do things that is excellence.
  • When you are trying to be the most efficient and effective person you can, that is excellence.

POINT #3: Perfection leaves absolutely no room for improvement.

  • If you are looking for perfection the n 9.9/10 is a failure to you.
  • Even an amazing result can be disappointing because it is not “perfect”.


  • Are you striving for excellence in all 4 areas of your life or are you accepting mediocrity?


  • Find something in each area of your life to where you can strive for Excellence.