POINT #1: Are you waiting for someone to tell you its OK.

  • Some people may be challenged by you changing who you are.
  • If you’re not taking the responsibility for the change in your life it WON’T happen..

POINT #2: Take responsibility for how you got to where you are.

  • No one else has made the decisions to put you where you are.
  • No one else can make you do anything, you choose your actions.

POINT #3: To make changes in your life will take GUTS.

  • Some people may move on from you as you change.
  • Making changes means doing what others won’t do…can you do that???


  • Where in your Relationships, Health & Fitness, Business and Belief are you waiting for permission to make the changes and be the AMAZING man you want to be


  • Stop asking for permission to be who you want to be. Give yourself permission..