In Episode 2788 of The Strong Life Project Podcast, Shaun O’Gorman dives deep into a topic that many people grapple with but rarely discuss openly: the responsibility of making others happy. With years of experience coaching top-tier executives and professionals in high-stress environments, Shaun dissects the common misconception that it’s your job to make others around you content.

Pulling from his extensive background in leadership, high-performance, and stress management, Shaun argues that while it’s a noble pursuit to wish well for others, the task of happiness falls solely on the individual. Utilizing real-world examples from his own journey, from battling PTSD and depression to coaching CEOs, he explains why the pressure to ‘keep everyone happy’ is not only unrealistic but can also be a roadblock to personal growth and leadership.

In his signature no-nonsense style, Shaun emphasizes that responsibility starts and ends with oneself. By seeking to make others happy, you compromise your own resilience and ability to lead effectively. This episode is a call to action for everyone, from high-ranking professionals to everyday individuals, to reevaluate what responsibility truly means and to live a life that’s not just high-performing but also genuinely fulfilling.

Don’t miss this insightful episode; it’s a game-changer for anyone struggling with the burden of other people’s happiness.