In Episode 2777, “Who Are You Trying to Please???”, Shaun dives deep into the mental and emotional quagmires that many high-performing individuals find themselves in—pleasing others at the cost of their own wellbeing. With his experience in the high-stress law enforcement environment and his ongoing battle with PTSD and depression, Shaun unravels the psychology behind people-pleasing tendencies among CEOs, military personnel, and leaders in various fields.

Through real-life examples and eye-opening self-assessments, he takes listeners on a journey to uncover the hidden motivations for their actions. Why do we bend over backward to meet expectations that are not aligned with our own life goals? Are you really accomplishing anything if the success you achieve isn’t fundamentally for you? These are the types of questions Shaun confronts in this unmissable episode.

For those tangled up in the web of external validation, Shaun provides actionable steps to untangle oneself and reorient toward a path of self-driven success and, most importantly, peace of mind. Whether you’re a stressed-out executive or a police officer constantly in the line of fire, this episode will prompt you to reconsider who you’re really trying to please and why.

Don’t miss out on this impactful episode that has the potential to be the catalyst for profound change in your high-performing life.