In Episode 2776 of The Strong Life Project podcast, Shaun O’Gorman takes listeners on an introspective journey with the principle of “1% Better Every Day.” Drawing from his vast experience in high-stress environments and his life-altering journey from PTSD and depression to high-performance coaching, Shaun tackles the misconception that transformation has to happen overnight.

He dissects the myth of the ‘overnight success,’ emphasizing how even the most minuscule daily improvements accumulate into massive change over time. Citing examples from his work with CEOs, executives, police officers, and military personnel, Shaun demonstrates how focusing on improving just 1% every day can lead to significant growth, both personally and professionally.

Shaun brings forth hard-hitting questions to force listeners out of their comfort zones and confront the barriers they’ve set for themselves. He stresses that it isn’t about how fast you can achieve your goals but how consistently you can grow and adapt in a high-performance existence.

If you’re looking for the push to take responsibility for your life, Episode 2776 is a no-nonsense guide to finding the discipline to make consistent improvement. Tune in to embark on your journey to become 1% better every day.