In Episode 2773, “Are You Proud of Who You Were Today?”, Shaun O’Gorman tackles a question that most people rarely stop to consider but which has profound implications for living a high-performing life. Building upon his years of experience in high-stakes, high-stress environments as a former Police tactical K9 handler, and now as a high-performance consultant, Shaun dives deep into the concept of daily self-assessment.

He delves into the idea that the choices we make today set the foundation for who we’ll be tomorrow. With his unique blend of storytelling, derived from real-world experiences dealing with stress, PTSD, and the rigorous demands of leadership, Shaun shares invaluable insights into what it takes to end each day with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The episode is loaded with actionable tips aimed at CEOs, executives, law enforcement personnel, and anyone aspiring to make a positive impact in their life and the lives of others. Shaun emphasizes the need for self-awareness and making conscious choices that align with your core values, encouraging listeners to take charge of their actions and, ultimately, their legacy.

Tune in if you’re ready to confront the question, “Are you proud of who you were today?” and are prepared to take the steps necessary to ensure that the answer is a resounding ‘Yes.’