In this gripping episode of The Strong Life Project, Shaun O’Gorman confronts a common but misguided mindset: the idea that success comes down to mere luck or opportunity. With the candidness and intensity that only Shaun can deliver, he deconstructs this notion that so many people use as a crutch to sidestep the uncomfortable truth—that they haven’t done the work.

Drawing from his formidable experience in high-stress environments, from tactical police work to coaching top-level CEOs, Shaun delves deep into the psychology of performance. He uses real-life anecdotes and expert insights to reveal why attributing others’ success to luck is nothing more than a defence mechanism. It’s a way for people to shield themselves from the reality that success demands resilience, consistent effort, and unwavering commitment.

“Success isn’t a lottery ticket,” Shaun argues, pointing to both his personal battle with PTSD and depression and his professional experiences guiding leaders in high-performance roles. “It’s a relentless grind, filled with stress, failures, and moments of self-doubt. But it’s also filled with opportunities for growth, for those willing to take responsibility for their own lives.”

This episode serves as a gut-check for anyone who’s ever thought, “It must be nice” when looking at someone else’s achievements. With actionable advice on how to shift your mindset from passive observer to active participant in your own life, Shaun reminds us all that we have more control over our fate than we often care to admit.

Join Shaun O’Gorman for this enlightening episode that challenges you to examine your own beliefs about success, luck, and the level of control you actually have over your life’s direction. If you’re ready to step up and seize the opportunities that come from hard work and resilience, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss.