In this gripping episode, Shaun O’Gorman delves deep into the power of discernment when seeking life guidance. Drawing from his intense journey — from serving as a Police tactical K9 handler to overcoming PTSD, depression, and suicidal thoughts — Shaun emphasizes the critical importance of carefully selecting your influences.

“Too often, people take advice from those who haven’t walked their path, haven’t surmounted the challenges they’re facing or aren’t living the life they desire,” Shaun states. He argues that well-meaning advice from an ill-suited individual can not only misguide but also hinder your pursuit of a high-performing existence.

Shaun shares real-life examples from his experience in high-performance coaching for CEOs, executives, and leaders. He reveals common traps that these high achievers often fall into, such as seeking validation from the wrong people or listening to advisors who do not understand the complexities of high-stress environments. These pitfalls can become detrimental to one’s mental health, as Shaun has witnessed personally and professionally.

Drawing on his expertise in stress management and resilience, especially within high-stakes fields like law enforcement and the military, Shaun offers actionable tips to cultivate the ability to discern who is worthy of your attention and whose advice to avoid.

Tune in for this enlightening episode and take away key insights on how to take responsibility for your own life by curating your inner circle wisely. It’s not just about choosing the right people to listen to; it’s about aligning yourself with those who genuinely embody the life and values you aspire to achieve.

It is a must-listen for anyone who wants to elevate their game, make better decisions, and live a fulfilling, high-performing life.