In Episode 2756, titled “If Others Don’t Understand It, Who Cares,” Shaun O’Gorman delves into the quintessential nature of leadership and high-performance—being unapologetically yourself. He challenges the listeners, many of whom are CEOs, executives, and leaders in high-stress environments like the police and military, to abandon the need for external validation. Drawing upon his own experiences battling PTSD and depression as a former Police tactical K9 handler, Shaun shares how the pursuit of other people’s approval often led him astray.

He emphasizes that being true to oneself is the cornerstone of resilience and stress management. Whether in the corporate boardroom or on the front lines, making choices based on your own values and principles, Shaun argues, leads to a high-performing existence. The episode is peppered with practical exercises and mental models to help listeners reassess their priorities and take full responsibility for their lives.

Closing the episode, Shaun invites everyone to question the narratives they’ve allowed to shape their actions. “If others don’t get it,” he says, “it’s not your problem. Your life’s mission is too important to be derailed by someone else’s misunderstanding of it.” This episode is a call to action for anyone ready to live life on their own terms, and in doing so, achieve true greatness.