In Episode 2742, Shaun O’Gorman, the founder of The Strong Life Project and an expert in human behavior and high-performance, delves into the inadequacy of just asking someone if they’re “OK” in times of struggle. This episode is packed with firsthand experience from Shaun’s journey as a former Police tactical K9 handler, battling PTSD, depression, and suicidal ideations.

He argues that while initiatives like “R U OK?” day have good intentions, they are just a surface-level approach to a much deeper problem. When it comes to mental health in high-stress environments—like the police force, military, and C-suite executive offices—the standard of care and attention needs to go beyond a one-time question. Shaun provides a holistic approach to stress management, one that goes deeper into understanding human behavior, resilience, and emotional intelligence.

Drawing from his wealth of experience coaching CEOs, business owners, and leaders, Shaun shares practical advice and actionable steps for those who are in positions of influence. He emphasizes that it’s not just about mitigating stress or avoiding burnout; it’s about creating an environment where individuals take responsibility for their own well-being, thereby elevating the collective mental health of the organization.

Join Shaun in this eye-opening episode as he shares real-world examples, stories, and insights that are vital for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in the realm of mental health.

Don’t miss this engaging and informative episode. Take responsibility for your life and your mental well-being by tuning in and becoming part of the solution that goes beyond just asking, “R U OK?”