In this heart-pounding episode, Shaun O’Gorman of The Strong Life Project takes you on a deep dive into the moral compass that drives high-performing individuals—choosing the hard right over the easy wrong. Drawing from his intense experiences as a former Police Tactical K9 handler and someone who has battled PTSD and depression, Shaun argues that it’s often the difficult choices that carve out a life of significance, responsibility, and high performance.

The episode starts with Shaun sharing personal anecdotes from his time in high-stakes, high-stress environments like policing and the military, laying the foundation for the theme of moral and ethical choices. He digs into how ‘the easy wrong’ may offer immediate relief or short-term gains, but ultimately creates a life misaligned with core values.

The core part of the episode focuses on actionable insights and tactical wisdom for CEOs, executives, business owners, and leaders across all domains. Shaun presents tools for stress management and resilience to equip you with the mental fortitude required to consistently choose ‘the hard right,’ even when the stakes are sky-high.

Guest experts are brought in to discuss case studies on failed leadership and cultures where ‘the easy wrong’ was the norm, contrasting these cautionary tales with examples of high-performing teams and companies that embody ‘the hard right.’

Shaun leaves you with a direct call to action, urging you to examine the choices in your life. Are you choosing the easy wrongs, or are you committed to the hard rights? The difference, as Shaun compellingly argues, can be the line between a life of regret and a life that leaves an indelible impact.

Tune in to EP 2739 of The Strong Life Project for a transformative journey that challenges your perspective on life, leadership, and the crucial choices that define them both.