POINT #1: IF you don’t look after yourself you won’t be able to look after other

  • When you give everything to everyone else all the time you will eventually burn out and have nothing to give the people around you.
  • Looking after yourself is absolutely necessary to ensure you can keep giving to others long term.

POINT #2: When you don’t look after yourself you are setting a SHIT example to those around you.

  • When you constantly drive yourself into the ground this is what you are teaching your children etc.
  • If you want others to treat you well you need to do it for yourself first.

POINT #3: By looking after yourself you ultimately have more to give.

  • When you look after yourself you are actually looking after others.
  • The more you give yourself the more you have to give to others.


  • Do you look after yourself every daily with exercise, sleep, nutrition and time to yourself?


  • Find 1 thing in your Business, Belief, Health & Fitness and Relationships that will give back to yourself and make you happy.