POINT #1: Are you persistent enough to make shit happen in your life.

  • 25% of people’s New Years resolutions don’t last 7 days
  • As humans we are hopeless at staying committed to what we want

POINT #2: Taking consistent and persistent steps will bring you the results.

  • Telling your kids you love them for the next 7 days then never again won’t work.
  • The Strong Life Project is the result of years of hard work and persistence.

POINT #3: Your determination and persistence when things don’t go to plan determines results.

  • You decide whether you want “IT” bad enough and will do what is necessary.
  • Small steps taken consistently I’ll bring amazing results for you in your life.


  • DO you have the commitment and persistence to do what is necessary to get the result you want in your life?


  • Find 1 thing in your life today that you can commit to for the next 12 months to do everyday that will change the way you are in your life.