Many of us have experienced moments where we narrowly avoided a disaster or a potentially life-altering event. It could be a car accident that almost happened, a job opportunity that fell through, or a relationship that didn’t work out. In these moments, we may feel lucky to have avoided a disaster, but we often don’t take the time to reflect on the impact that it had on our lives.

In this episode, I share my own experiences with avoiding disasters and how they’ve shaped my life. I also discuss the importance of acknowledging and being grateful for the disasters we’ve avoided, as well as the impact they have on our lives.

I also talk about the concept of “what-if thinking,” where we imagine how our lives would be different if we had made different choices or experienced different outcomes. While this can be a natural part of the human experience, it’s important to recognise when it becomes unhelpful and starts to interfere with our present moment and our ability to appreciate the good things in our lives.

I share stories of people who have experienced disasters they’ve avoided and the lessons they learned from those experiences. I also provide some practical tips for listeners on how to cultivate gratitude and appreciation for the disasters they’ve avoided.

So, if you’re ready to reflect on the disasters you’ve avoided and appreciate the impact they’ve had on your life, join me on this episode of The Strong Life Project. Remember, you never know the disaster you’ve avoided, but by acknowledging it, you can start to see the positive impact it’s had on your life.