POINT #1: We often make the mistake of doing too much too fast and burning out.

  • Its easy to fall into the trap of more is better so shitloads is best
  • When you consistently take small steps towards a goal it comes true.

POINT #2: We often panic and try to do everything at once.

  • Health & Fitness is a classic, instead of training 3 days a week every week we try to do 7 days a week to get ahead of the game.
  • This only works when we always do 7 days per week which most people can’t maintain.

POINT #3: Small and consistent steps will eventually lead to AWESOME results.

  • Doing 10 minutes meditation everyday will be amazing for your mindset
  • You will overestimate what you can do in a week but underestimate what you can do in a month.


  • What can I do EVERYDAY in all areas of my life that will bring amazing long term results?


  • Identify one action in all 4 areas of your life that you can perform consistently that will bring awesome results long term.
  • g. Everyday I’ll send my partner a text telling them how much I appreciate them.