POINT #1: Sometimes it is necessary to stand up for yourself

  • If someone thinks they can dominate you and get their own way…they will.
  • You need to be comfortable in standing up strong for yourself.

POINT #2: If you constantly back away from conflict then you are giving permission for others to domaine you and what you want.

  • Some people will push as far as you allow them to. They only stop when you stand up.
  • Manipulators will use your decency against you to get what they want.

POINT #3: When you stand up strong you allow the other person the opportunity to see your point of view.

  • If you are strong you force the other person to come up with a different resolution.
  • We only give in because we don’t want to seem mean or bossy. Everything is a negotiation…stand up.


  • Do you have the courage to stand up for yourself and what you believe in?


  • Identify, in all 4 areas of your life, where you give in on what you believe to keep the peace. Then change that situation.