POINT #1: Do you promise to do things that will keep the other person happy?

  • When you promise what you think someone else wants, instead of what you are capable of delivering, you are setting them up for disappointment.
  • You over promise because you are scared that what you CAN deliver isn’t good enough.

POINT #2: Whatever you promise that is what the other person will expect.

  • Even if people think what you are promising is unlikely to occur they still have the expectation it will happen.
  • This happens because YOU TOLD THEM IT WOULD

POINT #3: This is the classic “Boy who cried wolf” scenario.

  • When you often over promise and under deliver, your word ends up worth little.
  • You will overshadow any great results you deliver because of the unrealistic expectation you have set up..


  • Where do you over promise in your life? With your partner? With your children? In your career? To yourself in your fitness?


  • Identify WHY you do this… Here are some examples of common reasons.
  • You want people to like you
  • You don’t want to disappoint others.
  • Your fear of looking like you are incapable of delivering.
  • Your fear of being thought of as a failure.