POINT #1: You can do the easy thing or the right thing….your choice.

  • It is really easy to take the path of least resistance, but it doesn’t bring the best outcome.
  • Doing the right thing means sometimes having to stand up and be strong for what you believe in.

POINT #2: Do you do the right thing or do you do what you want to?.

  • There are situations where you need to “stand up” and do the right thing by walking away from the conflict.
  • Having the strength to stand up and walk away instead of fight is not easy.

POINT #3: Do you want to be right or do you want to do the right thing..

  • Ego drives so much of your decision making process in life.
  • When you make choices out of ego they are not going to work out well..


  • Where in your life are you making decisions based in being right rather than doing the right thing..


  • Be constantly focussed on making decision in your life based on the best outcome for the situation not the easy option of having to be right.