POINT #1: Working out the WHY, is where the learning is.

  • Working out why something pisses you off allows you to grow from it.
  • Once you identify WHY something makes you angry you can let it go.

POINT #2: If you respond angrily there is something in the situation for you.

  • Your anger is a flag that there is something much deeper going on in that situation.
  • e.g. If someone is always late in may be you feel disrespected. The lateness isn’t the real issue.

POINT #3: Your Anger masks something that is much deeper.

  • The anger response is directly related to “Fight or Flight”
  • The anger is the “Fight” response and normally displays a feeling you’re being treated unfairly or your unappreciated.


  • Where in your life are you getting ANGRY about the same types of scenarios over and over.


  • In each of the 4 areas of your life identify come thing that really pisses you off and delve deeper to work out what is really going on.
  • e.g. If someone is constantly late to meet you your anger is about them not respecting your time it’s not about actually being late.
  • Sadness = Anger, Disappointment = Anger etc. Anger is the safe response because you feel in control instead of the victim of the situation.