POINT #1: Will you dig in and do what it takes?

  • If you are going to be the Strong, Powerful & Connected Leader you need to get uncomfortable?
  • If you want the results you need to do the work.

POINT #2: Your life is a result of what you believe you are worth

  • You can’t achieve anything you don’t believe you can..
  • Your life experience sets up what you believe is possible.

POINT #3: We have lost the willingness to stand up in our lives.

  • Men are waiting for someone else to come along and make shit better in our lives.
  • If you want to Achieve you need to stand out from the crowd….Will you???


  • .Who are the people in your life that are holding you back…. Friends, Business Associates, Family etc? ?


  • Identify 1 area of your life where you will STAND UP and make changes.