POINT #1: When you accept the Angry part of you it’s possible to harness it positively.

  • Passion and Drive come from the same place that your Anger and Frustration does.
  • These are the key to being unwavering in your drive & commitment to Succeed.

Point #2: Being Aggressive & Assertive are sometimes the only answer.

  • Unfortunately the quiet calm approach does not always get the result you want.
  • Sometimes other people’s anger and aggression needs to be matched to ensure you’re not disadvantaged or dominated.

Point #3: Your Aggression & Assertiveness will enable you to push past the point of giving up.

  • When you need to break through a barrier that’s holding you back Aggression is probably the answer.
  • If you meet Aggression with being passive then often it leads to being disadvantaged.


  • Are you prepared to stand up and be counted when you need to in your life?
  • Will you go to the dark place to protect those you love and care about


  • Look inside yourself and see if you have the requisite capacity to step up and use Aggression, Drive and Commitment if you need to? Whether in Business, In your Relationships, In your Heath & Fitness.