POINT #1: Are you balanced and crushing it in all 4 areas of your life?

  • Are your Relationships, Career, Health and Fitness & Self Confidence?Belief all balanced.
  • Is there 1 area that is AWESOME and others that are SHIT?

POINT #2: Almost everyone has areas that are out of balance.

  • There is no point having an AMAZING outcome in one area and another area that causes you massive grief.
  • You need to be putting in time & effort in all areas of your life to achieve this balanced amazing life.

POINT# 3: To be a Powerful, Connected & Loving leader you need balance in all areas.

  • You can’t inspire others if you aren’t walking your talk.
  • All of your areas are intrinsically linked to each other.


  • What areas do you put all of your energy into?
  • What areas do you neglect because you don’t think you’re any good at them?


  • Identify the areas of your life that you neglect and choose 1 action in each that you can perform everyday to gain more balance.
  • For example it may be
    • Career: spend less time at work
    • Relationships: Tell the people you love that you love them
    • Health & Fitness: do 30 minutes exercise everyday
    • Belief/Confidence: Read 1 new development book per month.