POINT #1: You need to be very conscious of what you say and do.

  • Once you say something to someone then you can’t take it back, don’t act in anger.
  • Once you take action on something you can’t undo it.

POINT#2: Choose your actions DON’T react to that happens.

  • It is your choice how you “react” to everything that happens in your life.
  • “IF” you do react, own it, apologise and choose your action instead.

POINT #3: This is extremely important when it come to your children.

  • Choose your actions with your kids DON’T react out of anger or frustration.
  • Your reactions to your kids will have long lasting impacts on their confidence and self belief.


  • Do you react out of ego and the need to be right?
  • Do you let people and things cause your reaction or do you choose your action?


  • Consciously choose your actions with ALL of the people in your life. Pause prior to responding to anything, it gives you a second to assess your “reaction”