POINT #1: Are you motivated by having to fix shit that’s broken?

  • DO you only take action when everything is falling apart.
  • Are you only putting in effort when shoot is so broken that you have no choice.

POINT #2: When you put in small consistent effort everyday into the important things in your life, great results will show up.

  • If you do the little things everyday the situation will never repeat.
  • If you only treat the symptoms, then the problem will ALWAYS come back.

POINT #3: It is your own lack of self worth that means you don’t do whats necessary to live the strong life.

  • Do you make yourself priority in your life to make it enjoyable and fulfilled?
  • Do you only do the minimum to alleviate “the pain”


  • Are you worth the effort everyday to make your life AMAZING?


  • Do the small, things all the time, to make sure you are the best version of you possible in all areas of your life