EP 158 Are you living the surrendered life?


POINT #1: In your life there is only 2 choices, surrender or fight.

  • If you’re fighting everyday because you don’t like where you are then you’re stressing yourself out dramatically.
  • Surrendering means accepting you are where you are and you’re there because of your own choices.

POINT #2: Surrendering DOES NOT mean giving up, it means accepting where you are so you can move forward differently.

  • No one else has made the choices that got you to where you are, only you have.
  • You CANNOT move forward to words changing your life unless you surrender to where you are.

POINT #3: If all you do is whinge, bitch and moan about where you’re life is at you’ll create more of the same.

  • Accept responsibility for today and move forward towards a new tomorrow.
  • Look at yourself and ask “what can I do to change my life and make better decisions.”


  • Do you bitch and complain about where your life is at?
  • Do you blame everyone else for what occurs in your life?


  • Surrender to where your life is RIGHT NOW and start making the changes you need to live the amazing life you want.
  • DON’T bitch about how hard it is, just fucking do it.