POINT #1: My friend Ben Smith died yesterday and it had me thinking about the man he was.

  • He was an amazing guy with a great sense of humour who was very open and honest in who he was.
  • He was a great Dad and a fantastic husband who was loved so much by his family.

POINT #2: Do you live your life with truth and honesty?

  • Are you hiding behind a mask of who you think people want you to be?
  • Can you not show who you really are because you’re a shit human?

POINT #3: If you died today would someone speak of you the way I have spoken about Benny in this podcast?

  • If not then change the shit that needs to be changed because no one knows how much time they have.
  • Be the person in your life you will be proud of once you’re gone.


  • Will people talk about you lovingly when you’re gone?
  • Will you have left an impact on the world when you pass?


  • Be the person, in every part of your life, that you will be proud of years after you have gone