POINT #1: Negativity will only bring you down and infect your happiness.

  • If you surround yourself with negative people you will in turn be really negative.
  • When the people around you believe life is shit you’ll believe the same thing.

POINT #2: When you face challenges in your life the negativity will make it seem impossible to get out of it.

  • Negativity and drama is what people thinks makes them interesting.
  • In reality, negativity makes you repulsive to happy people because you’ll drag them down.

POINT #3: The positive outlook on life means you have a chance of achieving happiness and positivity.

  • When you’re positive then you take the actions and make the decisions that will be positive.
  • Positivity breeds positivity, and that means it is an awesome spiral that build momentum for you in your life.


  • Are you a negative, pain in the ass, individual?


  • Identify, constantly, everyday, whether you are being negative or positive.
  • The best indicator of this is your language. Do you speak positively or negatively?