POINT #1: Always show respect to the people in your life who have helped you during your life.

  • Acknowledging the efforts and sacrifice of those around you for your betterment is essential.
  • When you are grateful for the amazing people who help you you’ll draw more of those people to you.

POINT #2: This can be people close to you or to hose you’ve never met.

  • Having respect and acknowledgement for the people who protect and serve us is critical to our society functioning well.
  • ALWAYS have gratitude and respect for the people who will do the jobs youre not willing to do to keep us safe.

POINT #3: Teachers, Nurses, Paramedics etc are all thankless jobs who would be so positively influenced by your gratitude.

  • The people who educate our kids and look after us deserve our respect and admiration.
  • Down to your own parents do you show them the respect and admiration they deserve.


  • Do you live a life os selfish self obsession or one of gratitude and respect to others?


  • Make showing respect and admiration to those who look after the biggest priority in your life.