POINT #1: There are only these 2 choices.

  • Only you can make the choice to change.
  • If you don’t like the options open to you, change them and create something better.

POINT #2: What are you prepared to change???

  • If you’re not prepared to change and be happier ask yourself why???? I’d say FEAR.
  • When you choose to stay the same you’re saying you’re happy to live the life you’re in for the REST of your life

POINT #3: Do you WISH & HOPE that things will change??

  • DO you put your hope and dreams in other people’s hands???
  • It AMAZES me how many people buy Lotto tickets hoping it will change their lives.


  • Where in your life are you WISHING & HOPING that your “LOTTERY TICKET” comes up and all of your problems are fixed.
  • Are you the Strong & Powerful Leader in your life or are you “WISHING” things were different?


  • Choose 1 thing to do TODAY that will have you moving towards real change in your life. Could be in your relationship, business/career, health & fitness or your belief/confidence.