POINT #1: Anything that is AMAZING in your life will take effort and commitment.

• If something is really easy and takes no work then it is probably not worth having.
• Being overweight and unhealthy is easy, being in a shit relationship is easy, having a boring job is easy….get it???

POINT #2: Living a mediocre life that is “safe” will never have you living what is possible.

• Why are we so focused on being safe?
• Don’t you want to live the life that you never thought was possible?

POINT #3: When you live the life where you avoid putting in more effort than is necessary, you will live a bare minimum experience.

• You’ll have the bare minimum relationships with those you love.
• You’ll have the bare minimum career that has you only “just get by”


• Will you be happy looking back when youre 90 and saying “yep I played it safe and lived a mediocre life?”


• If what youre doing in all areas of your life doesn’t challenge you often then you are paying It way too safe.