POINT #1: When you get really angry about something ask yourself what is it really about?

• When you have an angry response to someone or something it’s invariably triggering something deeper than that circumstance.
• For me I realise my anger goes back to years of feeling like I have failed, it is essentially sadness and disappointment not anger at all.

POINT #2: If you respond angrily to situations in your life I will guarantee it actually goes back to situations in your past and your opinions from that.

• We all carry the stories, reactions and judgements from our past that will flare up when we hit the sore points that are associated to those.
• When you have an angry reaction to something realise that it is something far deeper than just the simple thing that has just happened.

POINT #3: Anger is just Drama, it doesn’t serve you well at all.

• When you’re angry at a situation you’re just indulging in bullshit drama and feeling sorry for yourself.
• When you feel angry delve deeper and work out what’s really going on and stop being such a drama queen.


• Are you an angry motherfucker who reacts poorly to the people close to to you?


• Whenever you react with anger realise it is actually something far deeper than whats is happening. Let it go and look deeper for the cause, if you cant find it get help to find it