POINT #1: When your message is amazing you don’t need the hype.

  • The hype and high 5’s can take away from what you’re trying to do.
  • Hype only lasts a very short time then commitment takes over.

POINT #2: When you rely on the hype in your life you dont get sustained results.

  • If you use hype for 2 weeks in your relationship it won’t me amazing long term.
  • The classic 30 day challenges for fitness where the results disappear because nothing changes in your behaviour long term.

POINT 3#; When you rely on the hype with your kids you dont have a strong awesome relationship.

  • The HYPE doesn’t create a strong & long term bond with your children.
  • Years of commitment to them and true growth is what creates amazing humans.


  • WIll you use Hype, High 5’s or long term sustained effort and commitment?


  • Look for the areas in your life where you rely on HYPE to get you motivated and committed to your action…does it work?