POINT #1: Always be the best version of you no matter what.

  • We will slight change our behaviours depending on who we are with. Friends vs work vs mixed company.
  • The core of you needs to be exactly the same person no matter where you are or who you’re with.

POINT #2: The essence of who you are needs to be the same always.

  • I will not change who I am no matter what…. if people don’t like who I am I will walk away.
  • You should always be the same essence of the person you are no matter what.

POINT #3: When you are a vastly different person in different areas then somewhere you’re being a fraud.

  • If you are a loving caring husband BUT socially you’re chatting up other Women… YOU ARE A FRAUD.
  • If you’re an emotionally connected friend but at work you’re defrauding people into buying things they don’t need…. you’re an asshole.


  • Are you always the same person no matter the situation?
  • Are you a fraud in your life being a chameleon just to fit in?


  • Identify the areas of your life where you’re a fraud and ask yourself why you need to be that guy… THEN CHANGE THAT BEHAVIOUR.
  • For the next week make a note of who you are and look back and critically assess how you were different.