POINT #1: The real power in your dreams and goals is within you

  • The more people you tell about your dreams and goals the more people will try ti talk you out of them.
  • Some people will try to talk you out of your dreams and goals because it makes them comfortable being mediocre.

POINT #2: Only tell the people really close to you who love and support you.

  • You don’t need anyone’s permission to chase your dreams and goals.
  • Only YOU need to believe it is possible for you to achieve it.

POINT #3: There is only one person who can achieve your dreams and goals.

  • NO ONE else can do it for you, only you can get off your ass and make your dreams & goals happen.
  • The ONLY way to achieve is to WORK HARD, talking about them won’t make them happen.


  • Are you talking about your goals and dreams or are you out grinding hard to make them happen?


  • Look at where you are TALKING about what you want to do instead of JUST DOING IT!!!