POINT #1: How will people remember you after you’re gone?

  • Who you are is far more important then what you have
  • How do you leave such an impression on people in your life?

POINT #2: The way you treat people will determine how they remember you.

  • You can’t be an asshole your whole life and then turn it around in the last 2 weeks and be remembered as someone special.
  • How you interact with people everyday will determine what they think of you and how you make them feel

POINT #3: Be aware of how you are treating every person in your life all the time.

  • People will remember how you made them feel NOT what yous aid.
  • Always have the intention of leaving people feeling better than when you found them.


  • How would people remembered me if I died today???


  • Look into EVERY area in your life and ask yourself how can you improve your behaviours to make more of a positive imapct on other people.