POINT #1: If you don’t take the risk you won’t get the reward.

  • I have to take risks all the time putting these podcasts out for you.
  • I have to take a HUGE risk writing a book about my story to inspire you.

POINT #2: The more significant the reward the larger the risk.

  • If it was easy everyone would do it.
  • Human beings are so motivated by being safe so taking risks is intimidating.

POINT #3: What stops you from taking risks is the fear of failure

  • You can’t fail if you never give up.
  • The real risk is living a life that is unfulfilled and unhappy.


  • What risks are you avoiding that could make your life so much better?


  • Identify the 1 action in each of the 4 areas of your life that you are avoiding because of the risk involved.
  • Relationships,
  • Career/Business
  • Self worth/confidence
  • Health/Fitness