POINT #1: If you are not uncomfortable then you’re not growing

  • You wil always get what you always have if you always do what you’ve always done.
  • The only way to grow and evolve is to get out of our comfort zone.

POINT #2: Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

  • You will negotiate with yourself to try and stay comfortable.
  • If you are always comfortable how can you grown and push your limits?

POINT #3: If you want to live an AWESOME life you need to do what others won’t.

  • Most people will live a mediocre life always in their comfort zone.
  • The only way to be different is to act differently.


  • WIll you push yourself outside your comfort zone to live an amazing life?
  • WIll you do what others won’t so you can live the life most others don’t.


  • Choose something in each area of your life that will challenge you and push you outside your comfort zone.