POINT #1: Whatever you put your attention and effort into grows.

• When you want what other people have then you’re not happy with where you’re at.
• The only way to improve your life is to put in the effort to make it happen.

POINT #2: There’s only one person responsible for your life and that’s you.

• When you focus on what other people have you’re not focusing on you.
• You don’t know how someone else’s total life is only what they tell you.

POINT #3: You can’t only have one part of someone else’s life.

• If one part of someone’s life is AMAZING it may be because they haven’t focussed on all areas, just that one.
• You don’t really know what goes on for other people, the greener grass may not br so green.


• Will you focus on, and put the attention into, what is important for your own happiness and success.


• Put the action and attention into creating the amazing life you want instead of focussing on what someone else has.