POINT #1: Do you want something to improve but you won’t take the risk?

  • There are no guarantees in life, you need to take risks.
  • The only guarantee in life is if you do the same thing you will get the same result.

POINT #2: Why do you need a guarantee of the future before you let go?

  • In relationships people often stay is shit one’s until they find something better.
  • The problem is you wont find something better until you’re prepared to let go of what doesn’t work.

POINT #3: If you’re not prepared to let go and take a risk, then be comfortable being where you are now for the foreseeable future.

  • Unless you will take a risk and move forward with no guarantee you will NEVER improve your life.
  • You ONLY get positive change when you’re prepared to put your ass on the line and go for it.


  • Are you the monkey clinging to the vine of safety waiting for change to find you?


  • Identify what doesn’t work for you in your life and take the leap forward towards the dreams and goals you have.
  • Live the life you dream of and you’ll be amazed at what happens