POINT #1: When people don’t add value to your life just move away.

  • When you put in a lot of effort into a friendship that doesn’t reciprocate the same, just walk away.
  • The best way to handle these situations is no longer be a part of this relationship.

POINT #2: When you “Ghost” out of someone’s life, their reaction tells the story.

  • If you no longer hear from that person then that relationship was obviously one sided.
  • If they don’t realise you’re missing, they don’t value you’re friendship.

POINT #3: Only have people in your life where there is a fair exchange of energy and value.

  • You wouldn’t stay in a job where you worked hard but didn’t get paid.
  • DO YOU put in the effort for the people in your life?


  • WHY do you keep people around in your life that don’t add value to you?
  • WHY do you keep people in your life that are toxic?


  • Only put your effort and energy into the people who appreciate you.