POINT #1: Do you find reasons to stay stuck in an unhappy situation?

  • People are scared to go after what they really want for fear of making the wrong decision.
  • Making no decision is still making a decision, but potentially a shit one.

POINT #2: The fear is what if I get the decision wrong?

  • What if you get it right?
  • What if you state stuck where you are forever because youre too scared to choose?

POINT #3: The only person who know’s whats right for you….is you.

  • Understand that you can listen to other people’s opinions but it’s up to YOU to choose.
  • Break down your decisions into small questions and explore all of the answers.


  • Do you procrastinate about the decisions in your life???


  • MAKE A FREAKING DECISION, even if its the wrong one at least youre moving forward. You’ll eventually get where youre supposed to be.