POINT #1: We get so stuck in whats possible in our lives through the experience of our lives.

  • When you were a child you developed your belief of whats possible.
  • If you grew up with entrepreneur parents that would be very normal for you.

POINT #2: The reason i say “Emotionally Obese” is physical obesity runs in families so does Emotional.

  • Obesity is a very easy example to see in families, so many of our beliefs are given to us through our families.
  • My Irish Catholic background had me believe money was hard to come by and life was hard.

POINT #3: DO you just carry the beliefs of your parents and families

  • ANY of your beliefs can be changed.
  • ANY of your expectations can be changed


  • Where in your life are you “Emotionally Obese”?


  • Look around at all 4 areas of your life and identify where you are living the beliefs that were handed to you and question whether they serve you