POINT #1: Once you identify the purpose of what you do the rest is easy.

  • It is easy to get up early to train once you know why
  • It is easy to be emotionally connected when you know why

POINT #2: My purpose of helping people and making a difference makes being motivated easy.

  • I look at everything I do and ask does it fit my purpose?
  • If I go to do something I ask does it fit my purpose.

POINT #3: When you can identify your purpose it makes it bigger than you.

  • When it is more important than just you its easier to be motivated
  • When you have a bigger purpose everything you do becomes more important


  • Do you know what your purpose is?


  • Identify the purpose for every area of your life.
  • Health & Fitness might be to be a great example to your kids
  • Relationships might be to be an amazing partner
  • Career might be to be a successful connected leader
  • Self worth might be to show those around you ho confidence can change your life.