POINT #1: We all Fears, Doubts, Insecurities, Habits etc passed down to us.

  • There are so many issues and beliefs that we have had passed down generation to generation without questioning “does it serve us?”
  • How much of your life is based around what you have been told from previous generations and it is totally untrue and irrelevant these days?

POINT #2: Take the AMAZING beliefs from generations past and let the shit ones go.

  • Generations past have AMAZING lessons to teach us. Some are about what to do and some are about what not to do.
  • Sort through your beliefs, habits and actions and see which ones are yours and which ones you just accepted to be true from generations past.

POINT #3: Consciously teach your children the beliefs and habits that will ave them live an AMAZING life.

  • DO NOT automatically pass your own baggage and fears to your children. Work hard at giving them the most positive and focussed beliefs to set them up for a great future.
  • Our family history determines many of the beliefs and attitudes of whats possible in your life. Give your kids a clean slate.


  • Are you prepared to be the Strong, Powerful & Connected Leader that will change the beliefs and attitudes of generations past and let your children live AWESOME lives?


  • Look within your Business, Belief, Relationships and Health & Fitness and identify where there are negative beliefs and attitudes that you operate in that have just been handed down to you.