POINT #1: Do you just do enough to scrape by in your life

  • When you only do the bare minimum you have to, you have no control over the outcome.
  • If you only do 51% of what’s possible, you’ll only get half the result.

POINT #2: If all you want to do is scrape by, your life will be very average.

  • When you only put in the minimum effort you won’t have ANYTHING amazing happen in your life.
  • If everything is left to the last moment, then you can easily make a mistake and ruin your outcome

POINT #3: If you do the bare minimum in your life it will be very average.

  • Do you put in just enough effort to keep your relationship?
  • Do you just do enough to keep your job?


  • Is just enough good enough for you???


  • Look at your life and honestly ask yourself do you put in maximum effort into everything you want to happen??