POINT #1: The first reason is because people get tired and just can’t be bothered anymore.

• The effort it takes to achieve something is more painful then staying where you are.
• The pain of your current situation isn’t enough to drive you to make the changes.

POINT #2: The second reason is because they don’t believe they deserve to have what they want.

• It takes a lot of confidence and courage to actually believe you deserve to “have it all”
• People sabotage themselves and quit because being really happy freaks them out. This is normally subconscious.

POINT #3: When is quitting something that’s OK to do?

• When the situation you’re in is shit, then quitting it is preferable.
• Quitting on negativity and fear in your life is absolutely the way to go.


• Do you quit on the things you really want in you life?
• Will you quit on the shit situations you’re in?


• DO you have the self worth and belief to NEVER QUIT on the life you really want.
• Do you have the courage to quit the shit things in your life that don’t work for you?