POINT #1: If you’re going to stuff something up, do it quickly.

• Go out hard in your life, so if shit is going to go south, you can move past it quickly.
• If you take years to get started then it will take years to fail and years to learn the lesson.

POINT #2: Make it your mission to learn your life’s lessons as a matter of priority.

• When you have the mindset that you want to learn your lessons quickly, you will move forward really quickly.
• The faster you are willing to fail, the faster you will get to success.

POINT #3: We all make mistakes in our lives, make yours quickly and move on.

• Every failure is a step closer to your success.
• That is because you are eliminating what doesn’t work and getting closer to what does.


• Are you willing to charge forward as quickly as possible to fail and learn?


• Look at everything in your life and work out how to fail quickly and learn quickly.
• IN your relationship decide if you’re prepared to fail.
• In your business decide if you’re prepared to fail.
• In all areas are you prepared to fail?
• You can’t succeed without experiencing some failure, even if they’re extremely minor.