POINT #1: Everything that is worth it will take more time than you think.

• Very few people overestimate the time it takes t build something amazing.
• Whether its relationships, business, fitness, confidence etc it will take longer.

POINT #2: The overnight success takes a long time to build.

• Nothing that is great comes quickly or easily.
• You need to commit the time and the effort to get the result you want.

POINT #3: Everyone wants their dreams to come true today.

• If it was easy, everyone would do it and be living the dream.
• You need to take the time to build a sustainable life that you love.


• Will you commit the time it takes to have an AMAZING life.


• Identify what you really want in your life.
• Then guess how ling it will take, triple that time and ask yourself if it will take that long can you commit to that?